Coaching Children

Physical Literacy
Physical literacy is defined as “the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life”.

Physical literacy is the foundation for lifelong involvement in physical activity according to The Lifelong Involvement in Sport & Physical Activity (LISPA) model.

Physical Literacy Module
Sport Ireland Coaching has developed a course to give participants the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of physical literacy

This module is an interactive 2 hour workshop which will enable participants to:

  • Outline the origins, definition, elements, relationship between the elements and importance of physical literacy
  • Explain whether individuals can be described as ‘physically literate’ and whether physical literacy can be assessed

Coaching Children

All too often programs offered to children in sport are scaled down versions of adult activity without regard for the different needs of children. Children want different things from their sport participation and require different approaches given their stage of development both physically and mentally. The Coaching Children Programs aims to equip coaches with specific knowledge, skills and competencies to cater for the needs of children. Creating good coaching children practices at an early stage will result in a higher proportion of children gaining both movement skills and love of activity that we hope will remain with them in to their teenage and adult years.

For full details / syllabus on the coaching children workshops, please go to the Sport Ireland Website.

To book a Coaching Children course with Clare LSP, please see below.

****New dates to be announced Soon****

Below are some ideas for games that you can use when you are coaching children.

  • Top Gear – Agility
  • Compasss – Balance
  • Wall Rebound – Coordination
  • Team Tag – Coordination, Agility and Speed
  • Balance Battles – Dynamic Balance and Coordination
  • Mirror – Balance and Coordination
  • Dishes and Domes – Balance, Coordination, Agility and Speed
  • Crocs in the River – Coordination and Agility
  • Run of Doom – Coordination, Agility and Speed
  • Shark Attack – Balance, Coordination, Agility and Speed
  • Shoot the Duck – Balance, Coordination and Agility
  • Wheel Barrow – Dynamic Balance, Coordination, Agility and Speed.
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