The Community Sports and Physical Activity Hubs project is funded by Sport Ireland through the Dormant Accounts Fund. A Community Sports Hub is a collection of progressive sports clubs and other local organisations that want to work together to improve sport offered in their local community. The Hubs provide information, support and advice on a wide range of sports and physical activities to make it easier for people in disadvantaged areas to engage in a more active lifestyle. The intended impact of a CSH is to increase the number of people of all ages participating in sport and physical activity in their communities, with a specific focus on adolescents/young people.

Currently there are 3 Sports Hubs in Clare; Kilrush, Shannon and Killaloe. The Sports Hubs are more a stream of funding rather than a particular facility. The funding provided through a hub is to target nonparticipation and drop-off rates in sport and physical activity in order to facilitate an intergenerational sports facility. The Hub coordinator works with clubs and organisations in the area to deliver a range of programmes and activities to the community. Funding from the Hub is also used to subsidise classes in order to make them more affordable to the community. A fully-fledged needs analysis was carried out prior to the establishment of each Hub. This was done in the form of an asset mapping exercise to see what opportunities existed for sport and physical activity and what was being used. Hubs are home to a variety of clubs and may include Soccer Clubs, Rugby Clubs, GAA, Athletics Clubs and Scouts Groups.

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