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Sport Ireland Women in Coaching Toolkit for Clubs

The toolkit has been developed as part of the work of Sport Ireland under the Coaching and Officiating pillar of its Policy on Women In Sport and in response to research conducted on women in coaching in Ireland. All sports organisations are encouraged to use this toolkit on a regular basis. It should become the constant reference for all organisational planning relating to the coaching workforce (staff or volunteers) in sport. There is no sport in Ireland that cannot benefit from understanding more about recruiting, developing, or retaining women in coaching.

Sport Ireland Women in Coaching Toolkit (FINAL) 

Physical Literacy

This Factsheet has been developed by Sport Ireland Coaching in partnership with Stranmillis University College. It aims to consolidate the knowledge and understanding participants’ gained through completing the Physical Literacy Module – Foundation Level, which provides a personal and professional development opportunity for those interested in developing their own physical literacy and/or helping others develop their physical literacy throughout the life course.

Sport Ireland Coaching-physical-literacy-module-factsheet-sept-2018


Please find educational resources for coaches and athletes in relation to anti-doping on the Sport Ireland website.

Coach Re-engagement

Are your coaching numbers dropping in your club? Have you restarted post-pandemic with fewer coaches? See the Sport Ireland factsheet on re-engaging your coaches.

Sport Ireland Coach Re-engagement


iCoachKids (iCK) is a not-for-profit initiative co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission which aims to support the development of a Specialist Children and Youth Coaching Workforce across the EU. Ultimately it aims to make sure all children and youth sport participants have a positive experience led by suitably trained coaches leading to a lifelong love for the sport and physical activity and healthier and happier lives.

i Coach Kids Website Link

Developing Effective Environments for Youth Sport Chapter 1 Study Guide – English                            iCoach Kids Video Motivating Kids in Sport

Coaching Children Workshops

Sport Ireland Coaching have developed their Coaching Children Programme  to  provide candidates with a basic understanding of children’s sport and physical activity and best ways to optimise children’s enjoyment, participation and positive outcomes. The programme consists of 4 workshops and is designed to be interactive and practical. Providing coaches the opportunity to network with other coaches of children. Sport Ireland Coaching sees these workshops as the first stage of development and hope we can build on these workshops to develop a comprehensive education system for all those involved in children’s sport. For more details you can go to the  Sport Ireland Coaching Children Webpage

We have also developed some video resources to demonstrate the activities discussed in the workshop. Please see links below to videos.

Balance Battles – https://youtu.be/H1pFXDgendk

Mirror –  https://youtu.be/LO0vNCSsgeA 

Dishes and Domes – https://youtu.be/gwsUn-Sma58

Compass – https://youtu.be/JarYRkNM9P8

Crocs in the River  – https://youtu.be/TXpFHdVo0EI

Run of Doom – https://youtu.be/Sfp9qjCna6Y

Shark Attack – https://youtu.be/lIXdxLU4Km0

Shoot the Duck – https://youtu.be/Mk2kRp8tgkw

Team Ball Tag – https://youtu.be/7zGEQ5nM2TY

Top Gear – https://youtu.be/oMAhZ97l3Tg

Wall Rebound – https://youtu.be/pjzvQZIfFFk


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