Clare Sports Partnership ran two successful Mountain Skills 1 courses in March and April 2022. These courses were filled by men and women who are in hillwalking clubs in Clare.  The Mountain Skills (MS) training course provides a general introduction to hillwalking in Ireland and the basics of mountain navigation. Offering a solid foundation for gaining personal mountaineering proficiency, Mountain Skills training teaches the necessary skills in mountain safety, navigation techniques, knowledge of hazards, and personal equipment, so that a person finishing the course may be in a position to safely, and competently, take to the hills.
Our tutor Mark, from Britton Outdoors, was well-received by all participants who are now going back to their clubs delighted and with more confidence and knowledge than before.
Feedback from Participants:
Excellent content and delivery. Brilliant course.
I am delighted I have improved my confidence, especially with map reading.
Very professional, practical, and outdoors-based course.
Gained new knowledge while having fun. 
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