Clare is a place where we foster, support and encourage a healthy and happy lifestyle for each individual. The Clare Sports Partnership aims to facilitate people of all ages and abilities with the opportunity to participate in sporting activities. Through involvement in sporting activity, each individual can express or improve his/her physical fitness, mental well-being, form social relationships and/or obtain competitive results.


By providing leadership and support, Clare Sports Partnership will increase participation in sport and physical activity throughout County Clare in order to ensure that sport & Physical Activity becomes normalised for all members of our community


Where everyone in County Clare can enjoy physical activity and sport to their full potential, where physical activity and sport is valued and supported at every level of society and is everyone’s responsibility.

Value Statement:

Clare Sports Partnership will provide strategic leadership and partnership in County Clare, while operating simultaneously with the relevant local and national strategies and policies, in an inclusive, honest and transparent manner in order to promote and support the development of sport and physical activity in our county. We will honour our values by empowering people and clubs, who are the lifeblood of many towns and villages throughout County Clare in their role of enhancing and enriching people’s lives and providing a healthy and enjoyable sport and physical activity experience.

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