ROSE: Rowing an Outdoor Sport for Education

ClarRose Project Logo with Erasmus+ Logoe Sports Partnership are delighted to be part of the ROSE: Rowing an Outdoor Sport for Education. This international collaboration project aims to promote education in and through the practices of rowing. It does this over three core areas – health, education and inclusion. It will strengthen links between schools and rowing clubs. This can be indoor rowing, Olympic rowing, coastal rowing or traditional rowing.  Along with our partners we are looking to increase awareness of rowing, create opportunities for participants to try rowing and enhance rowing already in existence within County Clare. The international steering group consists of: Comité Régional Olympique et Sportif des Pays de la Loire (France), Ligue d’aviron des Pays de la Loire(France) Clare Local Sports Partnership (Ireland), C.I.M. Alto Minho (Portugal) and We Atlantic.

Rowing Photo

If you have any enquires about this project or want to get involved please contact

As spin-off of the ROSE project and continuing our support of rowing in the county, we will be supporting through our schools program, Karen Weekes who is aiming to be the first Irish female to row solo, 3,000 miles across the Atlantic, starting in December 2021. The #SHECANDO2021 campaign aims to provide a platform for encouraging women, and girls, to push themselves outside their current comfort zone and to believe in their abilities to succeed both in their work and everyday lives. Find out more information at 


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