Choosing the right colour for a child’s bathing suit can significantly enhance their visibility and safety while swimming in lakes and swimming pools. Here are some key points to consider when selecting a bathing suit for children:

Bathing Suit Colour Visibility Guide

  1. Bright and Contrasting Colours:
    • Neon Colours: Neon green, orange, and yellow are highly visible and stand out against various backgrounds, making it easier to spot a child quickly.
    • Bright Pink and Red: These colours also tend to stand out well, especially in clear pool water.
  2. Avoid Dark Colours:
    • Dark Blue, Black, and Dark Green: These colours can blend with the water, shadows, or the bottom of the pool, making it difficult to see the child.
  3. Patterns and Reflective Materials:
    • Contrasting Patterns: Swimsuits with bold, contrasting patterns can enhance visibility.
    • Reflective Strips: Some swimsuits come with reflective strips or materials that can catch the light and make the child more visible, especially in low-light conditions.


Specific Environments

  1. Swimming Pools:
    • Clear Water: Neon colours such as green, orange, and yellow are very effective.
    • Blue-Tiled Pools: Avoid blue swimsuits as they can blend in with the surroundings.
  2. Lakes and Open Water:
    • Muddy or Murky Water: Bright neon colours and red can be very effective in murky conditions.
    • Natural Surroundings: Ensure the colour chosen stands out against the natural backdrop of trees, rocks, and algae.


Additional Safety Tips

  1. Supervision: Constant adult supervision is crucial regardless of the colour of the bathing suit.
  2. Swimming Lessons: Ensure children have swimming lessons and understand basic water safety.
  3. Life Jackets: For younger children or weaker swimmers, use life jackets that are also brightly coloured for added visibility.
  4. Buddy System: Encourage children to swim with a buddy, so they are not alone in the water.
  5. Know the Area: Be aware of the swimming environment, including depths, currents, and any potential hazards.

By choosing the right bathing suit colour and following these safety tips, parents and guardians can enhance the safety of children while they enjoy swimming in lakes and pools.

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